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Over decades of use, our VCI active ingredient NO-CORRO® has proven its ability to protect
steel, iron, aluminium, chrome, copper, brass and zinc against corrosion in the long term.

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Aluminium compound foil
These are combination foils made of one aluminium foil and a further, thermo-plastic coating. The thickness of the aluminium foil determines the level of resistance to water vapour.

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CORROFOL®                                            NEW!
CORROFOL® is our NEW VCI film and a small revolution on the market:
This film is safer, denser, more stable, sealable ...
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C-Folie is made of a plastic foil, a weave and a self-adhesive wax mixture applied to one or both sides as required.
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HYPERKRAFT® is a multi-purpose, excellent-value packaging material.
HYPERKRAFT® bridges the gap between waxed paper and high-grade compound packaging materials in terms both of quality and price

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Paraffin paper (oiled paper)
All of our paraffin papers are both water- and grease-repellent.
Both flat and crinkled versions of these papers are available in either rolls or set formats.

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Marking Stencil board
Cardboard for labeling processes for stamping of inscriptions, etc.

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